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15.04.11 — Full plastic bike

Schiko's 1981 Itera full plastic bike.

Schiko's 1981 Itera full plastic bike.

Schiko's 1981 Itera full plastic bike.

Schiko's 1981 Itera full plastic bike.

Schiko's 1981 Itera full plastic bike.

Schiko just popped in to show off his latest purchase: A 1982 swedish Itera bicycle, entirely made of plastic. Apparently these things were banned in Germany and it is easy to see why: The entire assembly is so wobbly that it’s almost brave to actually ride it. But still, three speed drivetrain, factory installed battery powered light and pre-installed lock are pretty cool features for a bike from that time. Plus the strange frame and the giant 28” 8-spoke rims make for a dope look.
More info on the history of the project can be found here at Wikipedia.

20.01.11 — Xavier Antin - Just In Time

Xavier Antin - Just In Time

Says the artist: “A book printed through a printing chain made of four desktop printers using four different colors and technologies dated from 1880 to 1976. A production process that brings together small scale and large scale production, two sides of the same history.” – We like. More here

19.01.11 — Hellozine # 13 - Japanese Edition

Hellozine Issue 13 - A social sculpture for the unsocial type - Japanese Edition

The brand new japanese edition of Hellozine Issue 13 is now available! It comes with a seperate booklet including the translated text. Many thanks to Katsushige Ichihashi who approached us with the idea and took care of the translation! Check it out here in the shop.

16.01.11 — Barty Farty

Arty Farty Bar opening, Cologne, Germany

Many thanks to our friends at Arty Farty Gallery for an epic opening of their new bar. I’m still having a headache.

Arty Farty Bar
Thu – Sat from 9pm
Maastrichter Str. 49
(Kellergewölbe / Vault)
50672 Cologne

15.01.11 — Holy shit!

We Know Rap custom Nike AirMax by Little Kidman

Big ups to C. B. for his handmade custom one-off Nike Airmax We Know Rap edition. The sole has been changed from original dark to a white one and the swoosh from white to black leather. All of that to match the black on black WKR Tee. How cool is that? Nike, please call me. :-)

18.12.10 — Another day

Schiko came by the other day, to hang out and have a beer with me while I was printing some Carhartt shirts for a show Madlib and Embryo where supposed to have in Berlin. He snapped some nice black and white pictures of the studio with one of his little analog pocket cameras, find them here on his blog.

05.12.10 — A Social Sculpture for the Unsocial Type

A Social Sculpture for the Unsocial Type - Hellozine Issue 13 at Paristokyopempelfort

Hellozine 13 is out and can be ordered right here at Paristokyopempelfort.

This time around it is a 72 page hardcover book, completely dedicated to swedish skater and filmmaker Pontus Alv.

It features a lengthy conversation between Pontus and Hellozine’s Alexander Basile, on subjects ranging from the current state of the skateboard scene, to media strategies, image generation, the band Joy Division and back. Illustrated with screengrabs of Pontus latest film, “In Search of the Miracolous” which is currently being released worldwide, the book creates an insight into the rich image cosmos of Alv. Enjoy.

21.07.10 — Le Mans

When i stumbled over this set by Laurent Nivalle i didn´t realize they´ve been made only days ago, not decades.

But the digital enhancement and perfect aging isn´t all what makes them pic´s so lovely and most welcome backdoors for unteachable escapists like me.
It´s the silence in them.
No screaming rubberburning shots from back left, loud like a saturn ad.
Peaceful but thrilling, just like the opening of the 1971 movie we all know and love.
The total lack of any dot, be it com, net, org or whatever is a major plus, too.
Go to the races.

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